Guardian Dental Insurance

Guardian Dental Insurance is dental insurance that bring dental wellness and oral health to families, companies and to individuals. It is one of the biggest companies that offer group dental plans which are ideal for companies and businesses. With more than 83,000 providers located in more than 171,000 places in the country, you can bet that you are in good hands when you trust Guardian.

The Guardian insurance provides group Guardian dental insurance coverage with a variety of Guardian dental insurance plans to meet every client’s needs. But what are the dental insurance benefits really? What should a consumer expect from an insurance company that offers dental insurance packages? If you are shopping for the most suitable group insurance plan, make sure you look for the following features:

Versatile dental insurance packages

You should choose a company that has dental insurance packages that will fit your needs. Packages should cover all important dental procedures like cleaning, filling, dental extractions, dental emergencies and possibly orthodontic work.

Guardian offers a variety of plans that are designed to put a smile back on your face. Plans like Administrative Services Only (ASO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Pre-Paid Innovative Plans as well as Maximum Rollover which will allow members to roll unused benefits to be used in the future. Contact your Guardian Dental insurance providers for more information on each type of plan.

Accepted by thousands of dental providers across the nation

Imagine needing dental emergency surgery at a late hour or scheduling a filling during the weekends; you need a dental insurance company that is accepted in by most dental specialists where you are located.

As mentioned, Guardian is one of the most widely accepted dental insurance in the country with tens of thousands of providers all over the country. This means that members can have access to quality dental services anywhere and anytime they wish. You may use the Find a Provider tool or contact your broker or Guardian Group Representative for information on nearby dental clinics and dental offices that accept dental Guardian products.

Attention to wellness

You need a dental insurance provider that pays a great attention to wellness and dental prevention. With the rising cost of dental procedures and the complexity of updated procedures, the need to have a sound and efficient dental health insurance that will provide comprehensive dental coverage is a must.

Guardian provides special attention to dental health with its recommended preventive coverage such as early cancer detection exams, fluoride treatments for adults and discounted price for various preventive dental products.

Customer service also matters in choosing dental insurance. Pick a company that can respond to your inquiries at the most convenient method for you. You may contact Guardian Dental Insurance via their customer service hotline at 1-212-598-8000 or via email from their contacts page at their official site. Members may also contact their insurance brokers or their Guardian Group Representative for more information on their various dental packages.

Guardian Dental

For more than 150 years, Guardian has been the partner of companies, families and individuals looking for strong and practical insurance products. Guardian Dental is an integral part of Guardian insurance and its long history of providing efficient dental benefits have made it one of the most trusted names in group dental products. If you are shopping … Continue reading