Guardian Dental

For more than 150 years, Guardian has been the partner of companies, families and individuals looking for strong and practical insurance products. Guardian Dental is an integral part of Guardian insurance and its long history of providing efficient dental benefits have made it one of the most trusted names in group dental products.

If you are shopping for dental insurance for your company, employees or organization, it is a must that you choose the most suitable dental provider to back you up. Check out what Guardian dental plan can offer members that no other dental insurance companies can:

Power to employees

Guardian gives members a wide variety of choices. The company understands that members will be able to make an educated decision with regards to their dental and oral health when the right tools and learning materials are within their reach. Guardian is the only dental insurance company with a Dental Cost Eliminator that will compute for the costs of any dental procedure. The company also has a Find a Provider tool that will help members look for the nearest provider their area.

Guardian members may also choose from a wide variety of products to help build their dental health. Plans like Administrative Services Only (ASO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Pre-Paid Innovative Plans to help take advantage of reduced monthly premiums, higher rollover values and so many more benefits.

The largest network of dental providers

Only Guardian has the largest network of preferred providers. It has over 83,000 providers serving members in more than 171,000 locations in the country. This could only mean better access to quality dental services wherever the customer is. Tools like the Find a Provider Tool will help members look for the nearest dentist or specialist. Customers may also call customer service using Guardian dental phone number 1-212-598-8000 for more information.

The most flexible dental plans

As mentioned, customers will enjoy flexible dental plans that will surely make anyone smile. From Administer Services Only to Preferred Provider Organization members, as well as the new Maximum Rollover options, you can rest assure that unused benefits may be used in the future. Flexibility also means versatile payment options and account management options that may be done online. Guardian insurance members are also recommended to try The Living Balance Sheet to organize their finances in one simple spreadsheet. You can find out more about The Living Balance Sheet from Guardian’s official website.

Dental wellness counts

Preventive care is a part of the Guardian dental plan and this includes early detection of cancer, preventive treatments using fluoride and discounts on oral and dental preventive products.  Access to the Guardian Dental network, broker and insurance dental representative are also convenient ways to access other preventive techniques.

Guardian Dental services and plans are made for real people, families and employees. Check out more information about each dental package by visiting their official site You may also get more information by calling your insurance broker or your Guardian Group Representative.